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Horse exports


Spanish Horses Sales collaborates with different logistics companies to transport their horses. We process and manage all the necessary documentation for the export of your horse, contracting quarantine centers and land or air transportation. For more information, contact us.

We are prepared for any situation, also to facilitate all the necessary vet tests required by each destination country

Spanish Horses Sales exportación de 10 potras Spain to Mexico


The Spanish Horses Sales team facilitates the transport service to any part of the world. Door to door. tell us your address and we will deliver your horse in perfect condition.

We collaborate with the best companies with extensive experience in handling horses and the care that this entails for their transport. Sometimes the transport of a horse can take between 4 and 5 days, until it reaches its destination.

One of the most important factors for Spanish Horses Sales, in land transport, is that the horse travel comfortably, of course taking the appropriate breaks every few hours in stables that are comfortable for them. At each of these stops, the horses get off the truck to rest and regain strength. So the client must be completely calm for his horse.

Export horses with quality and safety

Spanish Horses Sales is dedicated to logistics for exporting horses, attending to their care during their stay in our quarantine center, and in air transport until their arrival at their destination.
We are prepared to export to any country. Spanish Horses Sales has exported horses to Arab countries, all of Europe, USA, Latin America
being able to reach more destinations….

The passion for and for horses promotes us

Arab countries, all of Europe, USA, Latin America being able to reach more destinations….