Dressage Spanish Horse

Nivel PSG



Spanish Dressage 

Name : Manzanillo LIV

This boy is special Sex stallion, with a  size of 170 cm.

Pre  registered in Annce, he is brother of the current world champion in dressage Malageño.

Manzanillo, is a horse with a lot of potential. He has competed in dressage, obtaining two Gold medals in the Youth category. He has a PSG dressage level (San Jorge- Intermediate)

Trots, Pirouettes,  Piaffe,  Changes in series of 2-3 etc…

Character: TOP, can be valid for anyone without experience. He is ridden by a 5 year old boy (We pass videos by Whatsapp) If you are looking for a horse to start competing in Dressage… This is yours!!!